After Gemini, Windows? Elon Musk Attacks Windows | Not Allowing Him To Login

Elon Musk with Microsoft Windows

Elon Musk, the man who took on Google’s Gemini AI, has a new target: Microsoft’s Windows. In a series of tweets, the tech mogul expressed frustration with being forced to create a Microsoft account to use his new laptop.

Musk criticized the mandatory account creation, calling it “messed up” and claiming it grants Microsoft AI access to his computer. He further lamented the lack of an option to skip the process, which existed in the past.

His tweets ignited a social media firestorm, with many users resonating with his struggle and sharing similar experiences. Some even joked about Musk creating his own laptop brand.

While Microsoft justifies mandatory accounts for a “smooth user experience” and “security,” Musk and his supporters view it as an unnecessary intrusion.

This incident adds another layer to the ongoing saga of tech giants facing public scrutiny and customer concerns regarding user data and privacy.

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